Over 300 companies, including some of the world’s largest consumer brands, count on Cedexis to optimize performance and availability through multi-cloud strategies.

VirtualExpo Group
Online Marketplace

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"Working with Cedexis, we have built our own purpose-built CDN solution that perfectly matches all our requirements," said Bobillot. "We are confident that our content is safe and our end users are happy."


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"By adopting Cedexis Openmix, we outsourced real-time traffic management to ensure seamless scalability, 100% availability, and the delivery of the highest quality experience..."

Social Media

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"We have total control over performance and can reconfigure delivery partners where and how we want, to make sure our performance is always top."


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"The Cedexis platform is a technically superior approach...It ensures our gamers the highest-quality play, wherever in the world they reside."


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"We can now clearly see in real-time who the best performers are."

Le Nouvel Observateur
Press and Media

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"Journalists can then publish their news and generate millions of page views without impacting performance"

Internet Service Provider

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"By adding Radar measurements on performance, availability and server load, we could also validate transit performance improvements and the effects of real-time load balancing across the extended network."

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