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Major outage by Major CDN provider. What RUM tells us. And why a Multi-CDN strategy makes the most sense.

byPete Mastinon Comments0

Last Thursday, 17th of July, one of the big CDNs had a major outage. The duration was between 45 and 70 minutes – depending on what ISP you were on. We have spoken a great deal recently about Micro-outages and their impact. The outage last thursday was a different beast. It was a pretty complete

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Why Micro-Outages are the speed bumps of the Internet

byPete Mastinon Comments1

In previous posts I have written about the concept of “Micro-Outages”. These outages: Usually last between 5-20 minutes. Are sometimes limited to a subset of the 40k+ ASN/ISP’s that exists in the world Typically do not violate a SLA (for duration reasons mostly) or if they do so, it’s minimally. Are sometimes undetected by synthetic

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Net Neutrality, RUM data helps governments and corporations make better decisions

byRob Malnation Comments0

In a previous post we spoke about how the French association GESTE (The leading French Internet Media Association) has adopted Cedexis Radar as the mechanism for QoE reporting and monitoring of ISPs. The quarterly published report is used to compare and contrast any differentiated treatment of the top 20 French Media websites (and mobile apps) by ISPs

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How Cedexis Routes Your Customers, Let Me Count The “Waze”.

byConnor McLeodon Comments0

How do you want your customer to feel when they’ve completed interacting with your online property? Happy? Satisfied? Excited about your products or services? Chances are you’ve spent good money on ensuring this outcome, your site’s design, the layout, the UX, all engineered to be pleasant and engaging. But when the network is congested, the

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