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One Billion!

Cedexis history was made yesterday, when we passed the 1 billion mark in daily recorded Public Radar measurements. Over one billion (1,060,620,742 to be exact) pieces of public website performance data were recorded for Jan 11th, 2012.

Why is this number important? Well, perhaps the number itself is not, but the fact that we are growing this daily tally, is! With each piece of Radar data, we are improving the collective knowledge of our customer’s end-user online experience. Over the last two years, Cedexis Radar customers have been adding to the ever-growing set of data that is in turn used by our Openmix platform to help shape their Cloud, CDN and Datacenter traffic patterns. The larger the number of Radar measurements, the better our understanding of web site users experience is, the better traffic shaping service we can provide.

Here’s to 1 Billion daily points of data, and counting!

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