EuroCloud France 2012 awards: Cedexis, best Cloud startup !

EuroCloud France has just announced the winners of the 6th « Trophées du Cloud » (Cloud Awards) ceremony taking place during the « États Généraux du Cloud » (Cloud Forum), gathering this year more than 400 people in the premises of the “Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris” (Trade & Industry Commission of Paris) on March 21st, 2012.

This new edition of the « Trophées du Cloud » perfectly illustrated the dynamic and the growth of this market. The « Trophées du Cloud » 2012 award the best in 5 categories for their applications and solutions « in the Cloud ».

During several weeks, the 17 members of the jury chosen within the IT industry have been through 115 candidates files generated from 75 different companies. And Cedexis was awarded the “Best Cloud Start-up” trophy !

“We are particularly happy to receive this unique award and proud to be recognized as the best Cloud company on the French market,” declared Julien Coulon, co-founder of Cedexis.

Julien adds that “this award comforts us in our choices and I first want to think of our teams, customers, partners and families who support us since the beginning of this journey. I warmly thank them all for the trust they have put in us. This award is pushing us forward into our R&D efforts. We will present new services in a few weeks in order to make the traffic control between Clouds even more available and even more performing for all Internet users and mobile users”.

You discovered our company? What do we do exactly…

Cedexis was created by the Cloud and for the Cloud : with Cedexis Radar, content editors can measure the performance of the providers (hosts, CDNs, and Clouds) they are using, or could be using, to delivery/host their content.

The unique feature of the Radar consists of transforming each user into a monitoring probe while he is surfing the web, by integrating a simple Javascript tag activated a few seconds only after a page is fully loaded in the browser. This well-proven methodology gives Cedexis the ability to collect a huge amount of data, consisting of more than a billion measurements a day from 34 000 networks in 230 countries.

The measures are publicly available through an intuitive visualization interface.

When performance is slowing down, or when a provider becomes unavailable, the Cedexis DNS load-balancer, dubbed OpenMix, automatically takes the decision to route traffic on the best available provider.

In few words : OpenMix enables its customers to control multi-platform strategies (multi-CDN / multi-datacenter / multi-Cloud).

And finally, Cedexis customers can integrate personalized routing variables coming from an infinite number of sources, such as server loads, agreed commitments, and even the electric consumption of their data centers.

Following this approach, Cedexis opens up the doors of a true world of quality of service delivered by the providers, and can guarantee to content editors that their web/mobile site will always be performing and 100% available, for final users and for search engines crawlers.

Since its creation in 2009, Cedexis managed to satisfy 250 customers, shares its experience with many key partners and transformed the traditional approach of monitoring, and the costly and complex routing and load balancing, into a unique and disruptive hosted service on the market, resilient, on demand, and highly customizable while being cost effective.

Want to know more about us? Contact us now or create an account in few seconds to integrate our tag Cedexis Radar and measure the performance of your website / mobile.

“Just one word : Thank you”. Julien / Follow JulienCoulon on Twitter


A few words about EuroCloud…

EuroCloud France is a professional organization that aims to encourage, to support the organization and encourage market development of cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) in France. Its mission is also to clarify the scope of the market potential and conditions for its growth, to better accompany its growth. EuroCloud France brings together more than one hundred companies and over 800 professionals of Cloud Computing in France. Since 2009, EuroCloud France is part of the federation EuroCloud, the first federation of actors of Cloud Computing in Europe, with 27 local branches (by country) distributed in Europe. EuroCloud Europe is an initiative of EuroCloud France (old brand “ASP Forum”).

Medias / Journalists: You wish to contact our team or follow our news? Visit the press room or on our Twitter feed @Cedexis

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