The next-gen cloud & mobile app load balancer.

Optimize clouds, data centers and CDN content delivery to improve the availability, latency and throughput of your website and mobile apps, for every user on the globe.

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Load balancing solutions for better content delivery.

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Cloud & Data Center Global Load Balancing

100% Cloud and mobile application availability through mult-cloud region or hybrid cloud and data center configurations.

Multi-CDN Federation for Emerging Markets

Improve your brand perception in China, Russia and Brazil, with faster page-load times and 100% availability, through multi-CDN load balancing.

Hybrid Cloud & CDN

Maximize performance-for-costs results through real-time, data-driven traffic management of clouds and CDNs.

Business & performance based traffic management.

Built to leverage big data for optimized networking.

Optimize for business KPIs, as well as technical requirements. Utilize the freshest data: Radar RUM data, server temperature, application-performance monitoring, costs data, green-energy use, agent-process-monitoring data—you-name-it-data, to make the best traffic-shaping decisions on the planet, _in real time_.

App defined load balancing.

Plug & play scripts. Fully customizable.

Define the global traffic-shaping criteria and behavior you want. The Openmix load balancer automatically makes the required changes. Want some ideas to get started? The Cedexis Developer Community shares a wide range of scripts, including:

  • Avoid “stuck” shopping carts using APM data.
  • Traffic shape away from overheating servers.
  • Lowest costs-for-performance CDN routing.
  • Preferring private data centers over on-demand cloud VMs.

Make monitoring and costs data actionable.

Make server- and application-monitoring data actionable in real-time. Minimize bursting charges or maximize use of reserve-cloud instances to control costs. Bring in your own data and Openmix makes it actionable.

Cedexis Radar

Real User Measurements

Cedexis Fusion

3rd Party Integration

Cedexis Sonar

Liveness Checks

Find the signal in the noise.

The secret behind intelligent decisions.

Cedexis handles over 50 billion transactions a month to measure and optimize website and mobile-application performance. At the core of our platform, we use patent-pending technology to determine what data matters, and then make it actionable, in real time.

The most-distributed, global-load-balancing platform on the planet.

78 data centers on 5 continents.

Embracing “design for failure” is core to our 100%-platform availability. Network overlapping, multi-homing, multiple-name servers, and capacity over-provisioning ensure operation and handling of outages, congestion and DDOS.

Radar Live

Watch performance problems in real-time. Discover how noisy the internet is.