Multi-CDN Federation

Improve your brand perception in China, Russia & Brazil, with faster page-load times and 100% availability, through multi-CDN load balancing.

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Real-time use of multiple, federated CDNs.

Companies around the world are focusing on the growing wealth and population of Brazil, Russia, India & China (BRIC), but the Internet infrastructure in these countries is some of the most challenging in the world.

Cedexis customers are seeing faster page-load times, more time on site, and greater revenue from their websites and mobile apps in BRIC countries, through real-time, performance-based, load balancing of multiple CDNs.

Multiple CDNs needed for global content delivery.

Cedexis Radar data reveals that CDN performance varies significantly between end-user ISPs, and these performance differentials change continuously throughout the day. CDN platforms are not everywhere. Economic, political and business constraints are all factors in where, how, and when they build their networks.

Even the largest CDNs only peer or have servers directly in a subset of the 34,000+ ISPs in the world. For those networks that are not directly peered with the CDNs, end users must transit across other networks to get access to CDN servers. Every day these routes change as BGP and peering arrangements are modified. Fiber cuts or outages occur, leading to unintended congestion and outages.

The use of real-time load balancing between multiple CDNs optimizes availability, latency and throughput, by routing traffic to the best-performing content source, moment by moment.

Sensitivity to availability, latency, throughput, costs and business KPIs.

Cedexis Openmix is sensitive to what is important to you today, from both technical and commercial stand-points, and is easily updated to adapt to your changing business and technology requirements tomorrow. Here are some example uses cases customers are solving with the Cedexis Openmix global, load-balancing platform.

  • Route webpage request to the lowest-latency CDN for a specific ISP/City.
  • Ensure 100%-content availability through active-active use of multiple CDNs.
  • Route a video session request to the highest-throughput CDN.
  • Minimize CDN bursting charges by checking bandwidth consumed month-to-date.

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