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The Wisdom of Crowds

The Radar Community

Radar data comes from the real end users of hundreds of popular websites and mobile applications. It is the most unbiased source of data for evaluating Cloud and CDNs.

Radar community members have access to dynamic reporting of how their end users are being served, and how they could be served, across geography, application, and provider.

With a pool of over 5 billion measurements per day, Cedexis has the world’s most accurate cloud and CDN metrics.

Unbiased comparisons of cloud and CDN performance.

Gain visibility into the latency, throughput, errors, and availability of all the providers that interest you, displayed via intuitive reports, to easy comparisons.

Daily Measurements
  • Total count5,000,000,000+
  • Networks50,000+
  • Providers100+
  • CountriesAll

View your Page Load Times, from around the globe.

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Your digital brand is closely tied to your website and mobile application performance. Do you know how well you are delivering around the globe?

It's a multi-screen world.

Gain visibility into how you are serving all your users; collect data from websites, mobile applications, and custom clients or players. Radar gives you the complete picture.

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Alerts for any situation.

Radar alerts automatically notify you of performance issues and provide contextual comparisons between your providers and others, so you can identify global vs provider-specific problems.

We measure private data centers too.

Radar provides performance data on private data centers and co-locations, so you can compare these fixed-costs locations with variable-costs cloud instances, for your next application. Unique to Cedexis, use Radar traffic to test new servers with real end-user probing, before you go live.

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