New cloud and mobile solutions require new strategies.

Cloud-aware applications allow for more granular optimization of global content delivery. Cedexis’s real-time, data-driven, global traffic management lets customers utilize and optimize delivery across multiple vendors, technologies and geographies.

Tailored solutions for your business.

Business needs vary by industry, by company, by season, and by management decree. Cedexis provides the power and flexibility to optimize the technical and business objectives specific to your company, without losing focus on your end user experience.

  • Online Advertising

    Maximize revenue by improving ad server availability and lowering ad media delivery latency through real time CDN and Cloud load balancing.

  • OTT Video

    OTT video has evolved from an experiment or add-on, to a mission critical service, with cusumer expectations on par with broadcast TV. Use of multiple CDNs, or the combination of CDNs with cloud origins, has emerged as the strategy of choice to improve end-user experience while controlling costs.

  • Global Brands

    Your brand has global caché. Ensure your emerging-market consumers’ experience with your website is on par with the reputation. Leading global brands are using Openmix to reduce page download times by 30%-40%.

  • Hotels & Travel

    Global customer reach requires a global perspective on website and extranet performance and availability. Ensure your emerging-market consumers’ experience is on par with developed markets.

  • Service Providers

    Cedexis provides Internet service differentiation for Service Providers around the world. The global Cedexis platform offers robust and mature APIs to integrate with your services, billing and OSS systems.

  • Online Gaming

    Optimum latency means different things for different kinds of games; minimal latency is best for downloads or single-person players, while equal latency is more important for group play. Cedexis has benefits for virtual machine, ideal-location identification as well, in real time.

  • Software & Social

    When your entire business is dependent upon Web and Mobile application delivery, every millisecond of latency costs you viewers and revenue. Gain both visibility and control over your content delivery partners and technology.

  • Automotive

    When investing billions to capture developing-nation audiences for years to come, make sure your website videos and pricing configurators are providing a premium impression. Distant lands require more complex content delivery solutions, and we make that simple.

Solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Real-time load balancing between AWS regions. Mix private data centers and AWS regions. All with Cedexis Openmix.

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Radar Live

Watch performance problems in real-time. Discover how noisy the internet is.