Software-defined Application Delivery

Real-time, crowd-optimized delivery for dynamic infrastructure

Software-defined Application Delivery Platform

Built for today’s modern distributed applications and the dynamic cloud, datacenter, and CDN infrastructure they’re built on, the Cedexis SaaS platform provides automated, predictive, and cost-optimal routing of your apps, video, and web content. All powered by real-time data from the world’s largest app experience community.

Real-time, Automated Application Delivery

Optimize your end-users’ experience by ensuring the ideal application delivery, in real time.

Software-defined, Cloud-native Solution for IT Ops

Translate your business objectives into fully automated control and utilization of any infrastructure.

World’s Largest User Experience Community

Leverage a real-time internet and app performance map, driven by well over 14 billion measurements per day.

Built for Today’s Dynamic Infrastructure

Realize full visibility and control of both your DevOps-driven application architectures and the constantly changing infrastructure on which you build them.

Cedexis Real User Measurements: Unique Insight for Application Delivery

Cedexis Radar collects billions of actionable data points per day, powering real-time delivery optimization.

The Cedexis Platform Explained

Cedexis Openmix Software Defined Application Platform

Real-time Global Load Balancing

Cedexis Radar Application Delivery Platform

Real User Monitoring

Cedexis Sonar Software Defined Application Delivery

Synthetic Testing for Apps

Cedexis Fusion Software Defined Application Delivery

Custom Metrics for Custom Applications

Cedexis Impact software application delivery

Track Performance to Business Objectives

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