Software-defined Application Delivery

Automated, real-time app delivery over any combination of clouds, datacenters, or CDNs

Your application is only as good as the end user experience you deliver.

Real-time Delivery Decisions

The Cedexis Application Delivery Platform (ADP) is powered by Radar: Cedexis’ user experience community which creates a unique virtual map of the Internet. Radar is the ultimate validation of successful application delivery, because it measures the satisfaction of the actual end user. ADP makes delivery decisions for every end user in real-time based on the data that matters to your team, such as the constantly refreshing set of community data, cost considerations, datacenter utilization, cloud and CDN bursting fees.

Designed for Modern Apps

Performance at the code-level is only part of the story. You need to optimize for uptime and latency as well.

To be successful, an application delivery solution should factor in a number of datapoints to ensure a superior quality of experience. Cedexis Application Delivery Platform combines these powerful tools in a software-defined fashion for IT Ops teams.

Application Delivery for Any Architecture

Private CDN

Multi or Hybrid CDN


Infrastructure Peace of Mind

IT Operations is not getting any easier. With constantly changing infrastructure, security concerns, agile releases, and DevOps initiatives. You are juggling, and there are more balls to keep in the air each day. Automation is critical. Dealing with inevitable outages and service degradations doesn’t need to be a fire drill.