Announcing New Free Radar Data Services for Radar Service Providers

The Radar Community has become the standard for independent Real User Measurement (RUM) benchmark comparisons of Clouds and CDNs, around the world. Radar’s 1 billion+ measurements a day provides unique visibility into performance, from the perspective of end users.

Enterprises, Journalist and Analyst are increasingly referring to Radar Community data to better understand the variations in global Web and service provider performance. Radar participating Service providers have been asking Cedexis to build on the free Radar data they already have access to, with more data delivery options and analysis.

We are announcing the availability of several new free Radar Data Services, thank you for being part of the Radar Community!

Daily Radar Summary Email
The daily Radar summary email provides a list of observed performance measurement anomalies for your platform, as seen from the top 5 ASNs of 100 countries. The daily summary is meant to simplify use of these new data services by doing the threshold analysis for you. Our Beta testers have told us that the emails are useful for identifying peering outages they didn’t even know existed, exactly the visibility Radar was designed to provide.

Data API
For Service Providers that want to ingest data directly into their own monitoring or analysis solutions, the ADS Data API is being modified to provide access to hourly aggregates of Radar data. This rich data set can be used for alerting and/or post event diagnostics.

Raw Data
For those with the means to ingest and process the large Radar data set itself, we now offer access to Raw data logs. Raw data provides the per-event level data set, for the top 5 ASNs in every country you operate in.

Cedexis is also releasing our Advanced Data Services (ADS) which provides real time alerting, custom reports, and unlimited use of the API and raw data. This is now available for service providers with advanced requirements for a fee.

Have questions or interest in Radar Data Services? Contact Sales.

Journalists: Interested in using Radar data? Please contact our press team for access.