Another global player joins CDN performance measurement system by Cedexis

Strategic partnership with Cedexis will ensure G-Core users 100% neutral overview of its performance and availability

PARIS & LUXEMBOURG, 04 November 2016 — G-Core Labs, a global IT solutions provider headquartered in Luxembourg, announced today that its high-performance CDN solution is now publicly benchmarked by Cedexis.

Today, G-Core covers all major established and fast growing online markets. Its CDN solution shows outstanding performance worldwide, with Russia & CIS being signature regions.

G-Core is known to be a highly reliable and efficient solution for Gaming, Video Streaming, E-commerce, Advertising, Web and other File distribution. Company DNA is creating custom solutions designed to address specific needs of the clients.

G-Core has decided to partner with Cedexis, a leader in internet performance monitoring and optimization, to ensure transparency of its performance. Cedexis has a well-established partnership with G-Core Labs providing them with benchmarks to help its customers compare their availability and performance metrics to other CDNs on the market. With the addition of CDN data from G-Core, customers of Cedexis will also benefit from this partnership as this will improve and enhance their multi CDN strategy in markets that matter the most to them.

“I am pleased to announce this partnership with Cedexis”, said Dmitry Samoshkin, Head of Global Distribution Platform at G-Core. “We have been using the Cedexis benchmarking services for a long time to monitor our CDN, and continuously improve our latency, availability and throughput across the world. This partnership will provide our clients with additional confidence through the public sharing of our performance metrics”.

“We applaud G-Core and welcome them to the Cedexis CDN and Cloud benchmark community.  Transparency with customers is the only way to earn and retain business in today’s hyper competitive cloud and CDN marketplace.”, said Robert Malnati, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Cedexis.

About G-Core Labs

G-Core is a Luxembourg-based global IT solutions provider offering a wide range of services, including managed hosting, CDN, peering network, and different levels of support, from smart hands to DDoS protection to advice on local regulations, and more. Today, G-core cover all the major established and fast growing online markets. Our content delivery network is the fastest and leading in Russia and CIS, which has PoPs in the rest of the world. G-core set several Guinness World Records of concurrent players at the time of peak demand.

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About Cedexis

Cedexis provides web-scale, end-user-experience monitoring and real-time traffic routing across multiple clouds and networks. Cedexis Radar crowd sources billions of real user measurements (RUM) a day from a community of 1,000s of popular websites and mobile apps, with traffic routing services based on the insights this data provides, for the best performance, availability, or cost. Trusted by over 1,000 global brands including Accor Hotels, Airbus, Cartier, Comcast, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Nissan and Shutterstock. Cedexis is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Paris, France, San Francisco, CA, Brooklyn, New York, London, Barcelona and Geneva.

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