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Improving Your Web Performance is Not a Game

Understanding how to improve the performance of your web app or OTT stream within specific geographies or on specific networks is no small matter. There are many variables that can impact that performance. But of all of the things you can do, reachability to your CDN(s) is perhaps the most important. Seventy five percent of […]

How to avoid a Tsunami of Buffering

Tsunamis are bad. They destroy property and can injure people. Video Buffering is bad. It can make people stop watching your IP Video. What do these things have in common? Let’s look at how people have commonly avoided tsunamis and see what lessons we can learn. A tsunami warning system (TWS) is used to detect […]

What is the difference between the optimist and the pessimist?

Answer: nothing. Except the pessimist is better informed. This old Russian joke is funny because it has some truth to it. The pessimist understands that things will fail. The pessimist is eventually always right, since eventually everything fails. There is a reason that most good system admins and operations professionals are pessimists. Everything eventually fails. […]

What does it mean to be a top Global Brand?

Let’s face it; global brands just have a different set of problems than the rest of us. And it’s the top global brands that have figured out something that the rest of the world has not figured out. That’s how they have gotten to be on top. I was reading an excellent annual report that […]

Alerting from the last mile with RUM

Alerts are the core component of an operations team (or ‘DevOps’ if we want to be fashionable). The ability to provide precise, immediate issue notification and to enable forensic investigation is a key ingredient to resolving things in a timely manner, and those alerts must reflect what the end user would be experiencing as much […]

Imagination’s Finest Hour

If Mr. Ali is right (and who would tell him he’s not) then ROBLOX gives wings to its users over 20 million times a month. ROBLOX is the premier user-generated online gaming platform powering the imagination of tens of millions of monthly visitors and maintaining over 15 million active games across computers, tablets, phones, Xbox, […]