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Is Your Data Traffic Management Ready for IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) got its own name for a reason. While the wildfire-like spread of this vast network of connected sensors and devices shares many elements with the birth of the plain old Internet, the distinctions are fundamental. Primarily, it is a difference in the nature of the connected nodes. IoT devices may […]

Local and Global Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus and Cedexis

“This blog post also appears on the NGINX blog“ Today’s web applications run at a scale and speed that was hard to imagine just a few years ago. To support them, organizations host digital assets in many environments: regions in a single public cloud, multiple public and private clouds, content distribution networks (CDNs), company‑owned and leased […]

Announcing Cedexis Netscope: Advanced Network Performance and Benchmarking Analysis

The Cedexis Radar community collects tens of billions of real user monitoring data points each day, giving Cedexis users unparalleled insight into how applications, videos, websites, and large file downloads are actually being experienced by their users. We’re excited to announce a product that offers a new lens into the Radar community dynamic data set: […]

With a Multi-cloud Infrastructure, Control is Key

By Andrew Marshall, Cedexis Director of Product Marketing Ask any developer or DevOps manager about their first experiences with the public cloud and it’s likely they’ll happily share some memories of quickly provisioning some compute instances for a small project or new app. For (seemingly) a few pennies, you could take full advantage of the […]

Try Radar Without Risking an Install

Would you like to try the Radar tag on your website so you can see how your delivery performance is impacting customer experience? But also want to ensure that there is no impact on your production site before committing to installing a new tag? That’s not just possible, it’s easy! In two minutes you will […]

Cedexis Founder to Accompany French President for Greece Visit

Julien Coulon, founder of Cedexis, will join French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Greece this week. Cedexis, the leader in crowd-optimized application and content delivery for clouds, CDNs and data centers has been selected alongside other high-growth French companies, to join French President Emmanuel Macron during his official visit to Greece on September 7 […]

Self-Sourced Data Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go

Crowdsourced intelligence is a powerful concept, brought to reality and fueled by the Internet and mobile devices. Without the communications technology and vast but addressable audience of smartphone addicts, marketing projects dependent on gathering data or pooling microtasks from an undefined, unrelated audience would remain mostly theoretical. Of course, companies outsourced tasks and polled customers […]

Metrics That Beat Murphy’s Law

Automobile congestion is a scourge in most cities around the world. The negative impacts are varied: personal time wasted sitting in traffic, dangerous accidents, delayed arrival of emergency vehicles, environmental damage from stop-and-go driving, inefficient delivery logistics…the list goes on. Stop signs and simple on-off timed signals were sufficient to direct traffic in the early […]