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Cedexis Openmix Powered by Datadog Monitoring

  Datadog is a popular monitoring and analytics platform that is used widely across most corners of the business world. It provides a great way to collect and report on operational performance, and, perhaps most importantly, to create and operationalize alerts, which automatically sound the alarm when an application or service is not functioning correctly. […]

New Feature: Reason Code reporting

Cedexis’ Global Load Balancing solution Openmix makes over 2.5 billion real-time delivery decisions every day. These routing decisions are based on a combination of Radar community’s 14 billion daily real user measurements and our customers’ defined business logic. One thing we hear time and time again is “It’s great that you are making all these decisions, but […]

Live and Generally Available: Impact Resource Timing

We are very excited to be officially launching Impact Resource Timing (IRT) for general availability. IRT is Impact’s powerful window into the performance of different sources of content for the pages in your website. For instance, you may want to distinguish the performance of your origin servers relative to cloud sources, or advertising partners; and […]