Cedexis and Catchpoint Announce Integrated Solution to Improve Web and Mobile Application Performance

Cedexis and Catchpoint Systems, Inc. today announced a combined industry-leading solution to help organizations improve website and mobile application end-user experiences.  Building upon Catchpoint’s advanced, real-time web performance monitoring capabilities and Cedexis’ real-time, global, load balancing solution, the joint offering automates issue detection and handling.

Together, Cedexis and Catchpoint provide significant advancements in measuring the complete website and/or mobile application end-user experience, inclusive of servers, applications, content delivery platforms/clouds and last-mile ISP performance.  In addition to robust data collection, enterprise customers can now feed their monitoring data into the Cedexis SaaS-based Openmix global, load balancing platform to route end-user traffic around application outages and over-utilization.

“Enterprises want true visibility into their end users’ actual digital experiences. As businesses extend their websites and mobile applications to an increasingly diverse array of Internet-connected devices and new distributed architectures, advanced solutions that can scale to meet their evolving needs are critical,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint.”

“Tapping Catchpoint performance data for real-time, actionable insight creates new automation opportunities for our enterprise customers, allowing them to automatically load balance traffic away from ‘hanging’ e-shopping carts or other processes to improve the end-user experience,” said Robert Malnati, Vice President of Marketing at Cedexis.  “We believe this combined solution provides a new standard for end-user experience assurance, by all but eliminating the time gap between issue detection and circumvention.”

The solution is immediately available to Cedexis and Catchpoint customers. The joint solution embodies the trend towards the use of IT technologies to realize marketing objectives through interface and integration simplification.

Cedexis & Cathpoint at Under The Radar

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