Cedexis Announces Impact, Connects Website Performance To Online Business Results

Cedexis Announces Impact, Connects Website Performance To Online Business Results


Portland, Oregon & Paris, France — May 28, 2015 —Cedexis, the leading provider of internet measurement and real-time performance-optimization solutions, announces Impact, a new analytics and visualization service that demonstrates the commercial benefits of improved website and application performance.

Cedexis Impact provides analysis and visualization of the linkage between improved desktop and mobile-end-user experience and the critical online “conversion” results that every enterprise website, app and media-delivery site is seeking.  Impact works in concert with Cedexis Openmix, the real-time data-driven global-traffic-management service, to deliver a virtuous feedback loop, allowing enterprises to optimize their users’ online experience and realize maximum online success.

Cedexis Impact Clearly Connects End-User Performance and Online Success

Enterprises using Cedexis Impact easily validate the premise that “faster web user experience will meaningfully improve web marketing success.”  This relationship is clearly demonstrated with detailed analysis and easily understood charts.  Early adopters of Impact know where to focus their web-performance investments to best improve their end-user experience and business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Companies using Impact have found that improving page load time by 1 second:

  • Increases pages viewed, per session by an average of 13.3% more pages
  • Decreases “bounce” rate by an average of 13.9%, an indication that more visitors are staying engaged with a site after initially landing on it
  • Improves conversion rate by an average of 27.3%, across various conversion types, including downloads, purchases, video playouts, etc.


Cedexis Impact Plus Cedexis Openmix Will Improve Web Results

Unlike any other web-performance analytics solution in the marketplace today, Cedexis Openmix customers can act on Impact learnings to establish a unique feedback loop, connecting ever changing website delivery strategies and their impact on business KPIs.

“Cedexis Impact enables a meaningful new dialog between the technology and marketing teams at major enterprises, giving them the data and insights they need to collaborate to achieve better business results through active, real-time routing of end-user traffic, across public cloud and CDN architectures,” said Robert Malnati, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Cedexis.

For example, Cedexis Impact provides actionable insights into any conversion path of interest through a website, allowing enterprises to identify where they can focus on performance optimization to create the highest-value commercial impact.  Enterprises using Cedexis Openmix can dynamically adjust their use of cloud & CDN content delivery services to improve the end-user performance, and increase conversions.


To provide deeper analysis, Cedexis Impact provides three powerful views of data:

  1. Funnel view for monitoring of the entire e-commerce conversion path through a website and the associated end-user performance at each segment of the path
  2. Performance vs. KPI view for time-based correlation of performance to a range of conversion metrics
  3. Time trended analysis of business KPIs, across visitor demographic dimensions, providing powerful time-interval comparisons to surface the impact of operational and performance changes

Additionally, Impact features simple to use categorization and configuration management.  Each Impact view can be easily filtered to expose the granular insights needed to identify optimization opportunities by desktop vs mobile websites, geography, ISP network, browser type, device type and other factors.

Cedexis Impact is available today.  Impact can be deployed in minutes on any Webpage, and generates business-critical performance analytics immediately.

About Cedexis
Cedexis provides Web-scale, end-user-experience monitoring and real-time traffic routing across multiple clouds and networks.   Cedexis’ Radar crowd sources billions of real user measurements (RUM) a day from a community of over 800 enterprises.  Radar data provides real-time visibility into how cloud/network performance is impacting the experience of Web and mobile application users.  Cedexis Impact provides the correlation of end user performance to business KPIs, enabling enterprises to maximize web performance investments.  Openmix uses this insight to route traffic for best performance, or availability, or cost, or any mix of the three.  Cedexis is trusted by over 800 global brands including Accor Hotels, Airbus, Cartier, Comcast, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Nissan and Shutterstock.   Cedexis is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Paris, France, San Francisco, CA, Brooklyn, NY and London, UK.

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