Cedexis at GDC 2015: its a battle zone!

Its a war zone here at GDC 2015. We would like to say Cedexis is just here to educate the gaming companies on the value of multi-homing its Cloud and CDN infrastructure. We would like to tell you that we have toiled endlessly evangelizing how Cedexis can provide the best cloud and CDN performance that can be had – while at the same time ensuring 100% availability. And we have done those things. But we have been a bit distracted defending our booth (thats booth 105 btw) from the endless hordes of monsters and solders. Here is our own Tom Grise defending the booth valiantly from an onslaught.


Thankfully by the end of the day the Cedexis had the upperhand and we celebrated in the booth with our customers and friends. Man I wish I had a hat like that!


Come pay us a visit at booth 105 if you want to learn how to improve the performance of your web or mobile game! And bring a weapon!

****** UPDATE FROM GDC near the end of Thursday March 5th**********

Hostilities have seemed to have ceased and the natives are celebrating!

******** Update from the final day ***********

After the battle and celebration .. interpretive dance … . We look forward to #GDC2016!