Cedexis Founder to Accompany French President for Greece Visit

Julien Coulon, founder of Cedexis, will join French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Greece this week.

Cedexis, the leader in crowd-optimized application and content delivery for clouds, CDNs and data centers has been selected alongside other high-growth French companies, to join French President Emmanuel Macron during his official visit to Greece on September 7 and 8.

During this trip (organized by Business France), Cedexis will meet with potential new strategic partners and local enterprises to help them optimize the performance of their websites and their online applications. Since 2010, Cedexis has been instrumental in improving the quality of online content delivery and the Internet experience of millions of europeans.

Julien Coulon, Cedexis’ founder, will be the ambassador of a simple message during his stay: make the Internet faster for everyone, by everyone.

“Online content publishers are blind and helpless when it comes to global Web Performance. You can tweak your website as much as you want, but the Internet is messy. Every hour, hundreds of outages, both major and minor, prevent end users from accessing online services. In Greece, like any other European country, users are dependent on 3rd party vendors, which all perform very differently depending on peering relationships across several thousand ISPs, impacted by discrete characteristics including time of day, location, traffic, and many other considerations,” notes Mr. Coulon.

Cedexis is here to return the power to all local and global Greek companies. Cedexis has been compared to an “air traffic control for the Internet” (see live.cedexis.com) thanks to the 14 billion crowd-sourced performance measurements generated every day, and used to power real-time traffic decisions for some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

Combining an industry-leading comprehensive view of Internet traffic from real user measurements, broad extensibility through integrations with dozens of leading data sources, and the flexibility of customer-configurable algorithms to define traffic rules, the Cedexis application delivery platform uniquely empowers leading Operations, Engineering, and DevOps teams to centrally manage and optimize dynamic distributed infrastructures.