Cedexis and Mux Announce Joint Data-Driven Traffic Management Solution Based on Consumers’ Video Quality of Experience

Combining real-time OTT video analytics with the leading global server load balancer, this new solution ensures the highest quality experience for consumers at the lowest possible cost.

PORTLAND, Ore. and SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31, 2017 – Cedexis, the leader in content and application delivery optimization for clouds, CDNs and data centers, and Mux, the most accurate video analytics platform on the market, today announced a joint solution to cost-effectively drive superior video Quality of Experience (QoE) through data-driven global traffic management. This partnership enables video publishers to gain clear visibility over their users’ video experiences, while using unique algorithms to guarantee optimal QoE at the lowest possible cost.

Mux’s simple-yet-powerful video monitoring system, which can be integrated and implemented in just minutes, will be integrated with Cedexis Openmix, the global server load balancer used by the world’s leading companies, including A&E, Hudl and Sky. By ingesting accurate, timely, and comprehensive QoE metrics worldwide from MUX, the Cedexis application delivery platform will deliver swift and accurate real-time, predictive traffic routing decisions that will eliminate outages, ensure consistent QoE, and keep delivery costs to a minimum.

“For years streaming video providers have wrestled with the competing challenges of providing broadcast quality experiences to their consumers, while dealing with the very real costs of traffic delivery,” said Ryan Windham, Cedexis CEO. “By partnering with Mux to gain access to comprehensive streaming video monitoring data and analysis, Cedexis is helping publishers around the world to thrill their viewers, while protecting their economic models with powerful, real-time traffic delivery decisioning.”

The Cedexis Radar community currently tracks the status of Internet delivery through 14 billion real user measurements every day. Mux collects, processes, and analyzes streaming video events from the consumer’s video player to quickly identify QoE events. Both sets of data are then used by the Cedexis global server load balancer to make real-time predictive traffic routing decisions, improving audience growth and retention through consistent quality for viewers, and the swift resolution of congestion and downstream outages.

Openmix algorithms – which can be adjusted and executed in just minutes by customers using simple JavaScript code – can also take into account data ingested from other sources to make optimal economic decisions. This data may include synthetic monitoring details, contracts with cloud providers, usage tracking from CDNs, performance data from PLM services, and others.

“We are excited to combine Cedexis’ powerful, data-driven policy engine with Mux’s QoE analytics to provide the most comprehensive traffic management solution for video,” said Jon Dahl, CEO of MUX. “The intelligence derived from the consumer’s video playing experience is a critical resource for delivering the most effective optimization decisions for global server load balancing.”

To find out more about Cedexis application delivery solutions, please visit www.cedexis.com.

To find out more about Mux’s award-winning measurement and analytics solutions, please visit www.mux.com.

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