Cedexis Openmix Powered by Datadog Monitoring


Datadog is a popular monitoring and analytics platform that is used widely across most corners of the business world. It provides a great way to collect and report on operational performance, and, perhaps most importantly, to create and operationalize alerts, which automatically sound the alarm when an application or service is not functioning correctly.

Cedexis Openmix manages global application and content delivery – it is, essentially, a control plane for delivery that is integrated with many eco-system services. It uses data inputs and Big Data algorithms to make traffic routing and load balancing decisions that are communicated into applications via DNS or an HTTP API. Openmix optimizes global delivery based on the real-time health of infrastructure endpoints, which optimizes user experience, maximizes performance, and provides granular control for organizations according to their unique business rules.

Consider a customer that has multiple cloud regions. Among others, they are using Azure cloud regions in the US, one on the East Coast and another on the West Coast. Operational monitoring data is sent to Datadog; exception handling for the development and operations teams is all handled based on the alerts configured in that system. The customer would like to use that data to automate their global routing  – it would be a wonderful thing if their operations team no longer needed to be woken up in the middle of the night to manually make changes every time an issue popped up.

Radar provides on-going, last mile performance real user measurements from a global community of websites and applications. Openmix uses that real-time performance data as a key input to dynamically route traffic along the optimal pathway. However, there are a lot of other things that can go wrong with application and content delivery. It may, in theory, be fastest to send traffic from a specific data center or cloud region, but if that location isn’t functioning correctly, the reality may not be a great user experience. Ensuring that systems are operating at full power is exactly why services are monitored by Datadog. And it is exactly why we integrated with Datadog to add valuable real-time infrastructure data to enhance traffic steering.

It is easy to setup. Simply add a Fusion connector to your Cedexis account; mention the webhook callback in your existing Datadog alert; and update your Openmix routing application logic. Openmix will be alerted when the alert fires, and traffic decisions will now be informed by the immediate facts on the ground, automatically opting for endpoints that are in full working order.

Openmix integrates with your existing operational environment, whatever it may be. It provides the benefits of intelligent, automated routing infrastructure with minimal changes necessary. Cedexis provides all the tools necessary to monitor and make global routing decisions –  but the system is built to ingest and use vital data from substantially any 3rd party system (beyond Datadog, you can quickly and easily integrate source like New Relic, CDN metrics, NGINX health checks, and many more). Whatever infrastructure monitoring you have up and running already, Openmix can integrate with it, automate your steering, and help you to thrill your users, make the most of your systems – and stop getting up in the middle of the night to manually re-route traffic.

To find out more, give us a call, or create your own free Radar account.