Cedexis presents a step forward in their traffic load balancing solution Openmix

The number of screens at home has been multiplying rapidly over the past three years thanks to smart phones, tablets, and connected TVs. The market share of Over the Top (OTT) content delivery services, regardless of provider, have increased in the same manner.

However, users however still complain far too often about annoying delays while accessing the content.

« The problem is not the device (terminal), but the delivery (diffusion). We know that 81% of users stop watching a video when it’s buffering. Such high drop off rates are just not tolerable anymore for content editors » states Julien Coulon, co-founder of Cedexis.

It is apparent today that there is no single Cloud or CDN provider capable of perfectly delivering content to all users, everywhere, all of the time.

In the past few months Cedexis has succeeded in monitoring large content delivery – like video – to address the needs of OTT content providers by measuring the instantaneous throughput and response times for large object delivery.

This monitoring is performed by millions of end users of a global community of hundreds of high traffic web and mobile sites using Cedexis Radar. The data is then utilized by load-balancing service Cedexis Openmix for routing users to the best available Cloud, CDN, or data center provider.

« The integration of this new data enables us to offer load-balancing logic based on real-time throughput measurements. Our customers can now avoid the glitches of public networks and providers such as IP transit breakdowns or saturated peering links to access networks. Content providers with high demands for the level of service they offer to their users can now benefit from guaranteed optimal contents delivery to all access networks of the planet » add Julien Coulon.

This new solution has been selected and successfully rolled out by MassMotionMedia in order to optimize their content delivery performance for HD videos all over the world through multiple content delivery networks (CDN).

Jocelyn Guyon, manager of the video department for MassMotionMedia, explain that « coupled with with our own tools and data, the intelligent load balancing solution available in Cedexis Openmix helps us to reach a level of quality and video distribution performance superior to some competitive platforms, even more important ones. »

Guyon concludes by adding that « with routing logic based on throughput levels the preferred CDNs for are handling the traffic even though they do not always have the best response times. Today, by giving priority to CDNs showing high instantaneous throughput levels, we’re able to distribute 5% more HD videos. »

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