DDoS Attack Details

Yesterday, Wednesday May 10th, an unknown individual or group launched a sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Cedexis. The attack delivered sufficient force to cause partial, but widespread, outages across the Cedexis infrastructure. This outage was particularly evident in France, where major media outlets including Le Figaro, Le Monde, L’Equipe, and Le Nouvel Observateur were impacted, resulting in extensive press coverage.

We are pleased to report that the majority of Cedexis customers suffered actual outages measured in minutes. While any downtime is problematic for any company, our thanks are with the Operations and Support teams within Cedexis, as well as our many industry partners, who helped to limit the damage and identify both the source, as well as the necessary mitigation actions to eliminate, the attack. When a secondary wave of attacks was launched later in the day, the prompt and effective actions of all these groups meant that little to no impact was felt by Cedexis customers.

In providing services to some of the world’s leading online operators, it is a reality that Cedexis has become a target for individuals and groups who seek to do harm to our customers. We believe that the risks of a similar attack in the future have been broadly mitigated. It is worth noting, however, that the battle between legitimate businesses, and nefarious players who seek to do harm through brute-strength means, is ongoing and very real. Defenses built for today’s challenges continue to demand continuous development to meet the as-yet-unknown attacks of tomorrow.

As we continue to investigate the source and details of this attack, we plan to share what we can, within responsible parameters. For obvious reasons, some of the attack methods, and defense mechanisms, must remain under wraps in order to protect our infrastructure.

To our customers, you have our profound apologies for the downtime you have suffered. You also have our solemn commitment to continue the effort to protect our infrastructure and keep your businesses running. And finally, you have our heartfelt thanks for your support, your patience, and the encouragement you provided us on Twitter, via email, and on the phone, throughout those challenging hours. Together, we are building a better internet: for everyone, and by everyone.