Euronews optimizes performance and availability optimizes its costs and increases its audience with Cedexis

Euronews is an internationally oriented site serving a large audience in 9 languages. The site delivers truly complimentary media and support to the television channel. However, despite the use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network), it had occasionally encountered moments of display latency over certain time periods or geographic zones.

Euronews had three objectives :

  • Address performance problems, to have an optimized service quality for each of the countries concerned and consequently be better referenced by search engines to globally increase traffic and audience on the site.
  • Secure the platform by having several content delivery relays.
  • Reduce the costs, by having several service providers compete and by better exploiting the original architecture.

To achieve these objectives, Euronews called on Cedexis who put a 3 phase plan into action: Performance diagnostic, testing new service providers and progressive service implementation.

Cedexis’ solution Radar, implemented by simply adding a tag on the website pages, allowed the detection of a range of the best service providers. In fact, with its 600 million daily measurements as seen by real website users, Radar immediately showed the most performant actors by geographic zone and by time segments.

Based on the results obtained, a selection of service providers was carried out. The OpenMix solution of Cedexis did the rest: an extremely rapid configuration and the pages of the site could be delivered by the additional operators without any other specificity than the performance criteria.

The OpenMix solution uses the real-time performance data measured by Radar to route the traffic between the client’s service providers. It qualifies the utilization rate of the providers over time and by geographic zones. Euronews was consequently able to sort and one by one, put its new technical partners into service, in total autonomy and to progressively replace its historic partner.

« We have totally achieved all of our objectives: that of performance gain in a first instance, by verifying with our own tools we observed that our display time has been more than halved! Into the bargain the audience was immediately improved», stated Claude Bruyas, Head of Programming at Euronews.

Euronews has since been using 3 different distribution channels, which considerably reduces the risks of service degradation. Finally, the question of costs: the reduction obtained by putting several types of solutions into competition has been very important.

« We are therefore totally satisfied and all the more so because on a daily basis the solution set up is simple and accurate. We have detailed visibility of our content delivery by network and even by ISP which allows us better monitoring. We are autonomous on the management and the administration of the service providers retained. This gives us total freedom in assuring the configuration evolution of our platform and lets us easily adapt to the market’s new technology actors. We are confident that we can have the best distribution platform possible that’s available currently and in the future » added Claude Bruyas, Euronews Head of Programming.