For Google, 400ms of increased page load time, results in 0,44% lost search sessions

In Cedexis, we love data. Maybe you have already noticed.

A few years ago, the famous commerce site Amazon online published a metric that is now a cornerstone of evaluating the business impact of web performance: 100 milliseconds of latency can result in 1% of potential sales lost.

Sometimes challenged, and now a little dated, it is still used as the benchmark for associating web performance and cost of lost sales.

Today, during an event dedicated to e-tourism in the south of France, the General Manager of Google France – Mr. Jean-Marc Tassetto – unveiled a new ratio from Google: a page load time of 400 milliseconds results a decrease of 0.44% of search sessions. This information comes from a study of Google.

How can we calculate the potential costs of poor performance with this metric? If Google processes approximately 100 billion Search requests a month worldwide (according to several sources), this means that 400 milliseconds of page load latency will result in 440 million abandoned sessions. If 20, 50% or 70% of this requests can generate a click on a sponsored link (AdWords), the lost revenue climbs very quickly.

Jean-Marc Tassetto’s message regarding the importance of web performance for keeping and monetizing online audience was well received by the attendees. At Cedexis we have helped many in the Travel industry improve their International website performance, including hotel/booking and travel information websites, with a range of dedicated tools meant to simplify the life and maximize the audience (and revenues). You know what Google thinks…

Jean-Marc Tassetto, General Manager of Google France – 07/02/2013
Pic from Lydia Arzour – Twitter (thanks!)