Cedexis launches Internet performance reporting tool

« Which Cloud and/or CDN shall I chose for better delivery of my content and applications in a specific country? »

It’s a question all IT decision-makers ask themselves. To start answering it, Cedexis proposes a new data visualization interface available on our website.

Every day Cedexis publishes new country-by-country reports on the performance of IT providers (Hosting Companies, CDNs and Clouds) providing valuable information on the SOH (State Of Health) of their Internet services as end-users actually see them.

“This daily reporting tool is using billions of measurements generated by users surfing Cedexis’s customers sites every day. In addition, we have also added a feature to measure the performance, country-by-country, for content owners using multiple Clouds and CDNs” states Marty Kagan, CEO and co-founder of Cedexis.

The performance measurements of each of the cloud/CDN providers is generated by the users themselves. This is achieved through the integration of a probe (JavaScript tag) on a Cedexis customers’ web, mobile or business application, which only becomes active only after a page has been fully loaded so that an end-users experience is not impacted.

A billion tests collected every day, but what next?

Deficient performance has huge consequences for companies generating their revenues online including a lack of online turnover, low conversion rates, reduced brand recognition or a reduction in ROI (Return On Investment) on existing spending can often all be attributed to this deficit.

Cedexis combines these quality and performance measurements with an additional service, « OpenMix », which enables real-time traffic routing changes to maximize the end-user’s experience.  Thanks to this real-time decision making service, end-users are always sent to the best provider for them at that point in time, with content owners comfortable in the knowledge that 100% availability and optimal performance for each and every end-user is a reality.

« Our community-sourced approach to measurement helps content and application owners to better understand web and mobile site performance from their customer’s point of view. We can then detect any quality downgrade, like poor loading times or an access network and partner (Hosting Company, Data Center, CDN’s and Clouds) having a problem and through combining this information with our multi-provider load balancing service, dubbed OpenMix, we can swiftly react to those events as they occur. » clarifies Marty Kagan.

To fine tune their multi-provider strategy, content owners are also encouraged to supply additional inputs into the load-balancing that are relevant to their business. Such metrics include provider costs, commit levels, geo-location, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) or even feed-back information from a data centers infrastructure (such as UPS status, server utilization, concurrency and bandwidth utilization) allow the content owner to timely anticipate and react to any infrastructure slow-down or failure in a fast and efficient manner.

In addition, Cedexis continues to develop API’s with its partners and other 3rd parties allowing the ease of integration of other 3rd party systems and management architectures into the load-balancer logic, for example, with the likes of New Relic.

 Journalists : More information about us is available in the full Press Release.