Hello World from InterOp in NYC

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at InterOp Enterprise Cloud Summit in New York City.  Hats off to Alistair Croll from Bitcurrent for putting together a thought-provoking session of workshops in which we presented Comparing Public Clouds: The State of On-Demand Performance.

With 28 million measurements (across 34,000 networks ad 185 countries) in hand, we asked ourselves:  How do the major cloud providers perform across the world?  We used response time (the 2nd connection to a test object) to answer this question.

Take-away 1. All clouds are not created equal.  Our data showed that in 51% of the countries measured Amazon’s EC2 East had the fastest response time.


Take-away 2. Using multiple cloud locations yields noticeable performance gains worldwide.  About 35% of worldwide users experienced an improvement of 25% or more in performance once multiple EC2 regions were enabled.


Take-away 3. Using performance-based load balancing yields even greater performance gains over static load balancing.  In the final scenario, we used real-user measurement data to intelligently load-balance traffic in real-time.  These decisions route requests at the ASN level within countries, so that intelligent routing occurs when certain ISP networks are congested or otherwise delivering sub-optimal performance to real users.


For a complementary copy of the InterOp data (all slides), contact info (at) cedexis (dot) com.  We’d love to hear from you, share our data, and help you deliver a better internet experience.