Introducing the All New Sonar: a cloud-native synthetic testing tool for any infrastructure

I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Synthetic monitoring built for hybrid cloud
Sonar tests all of your endpoints: in your public clouds, private clouds, data centers, or CDNs. This provides a comprehensive and uniform view of the overall health of your applications delivery, no matter what the status of your various infrastructure components happens to be.
Sonar’s proactive testing acts like a virtual end user, testing to see how an application, video, or large file download would be experienced by your global customers. Being able to test your app from nine locations worldwide helps ensure your data has incredibly low latency, and therefore is actually usable for your app delivery strategy.

Ultra-low latency Synthetic monitoring, refreshed up to every other second
Public cloud users are probably used to having access to some sort of synthetic app testing functionality, as a core part of the services offered by the individual cloud provider. Where many cloud services offer services that check for availability every 30 to 120 seconds, Sonar offers checks as frequently as every two seconds. Data that’s updated every few minutes really isn’t meaningful for a solution that need to make real-time, automated delivery decisions. Not to mention the question of data objectivity when source information comes from the provider of the infrastructure being monitored.

Monitoring is passive. Cedexis is insight + action.
What makes Sonar different to other synthetic testing agents is that Sonar data can be used to shape application delivery decisions in real-time. Data collected by Sonar feeds directly into the Cedexis application delivery platform, which uses fully user-configurable algorithms to route traffic to the endpoints that deliver the highest customer experience at the lowest operational cost. Owing to the frequent health checks, and the rapid calculation of optimal traffic routes, Cedexis provides the lowest-latency cloud-based application delivery service available, with automated delivery decisions being made to route around traffic congestion less than 10 seconds after problems initially arise. By contrast, most cloud services, with less frequent synthetic checks and slower decisioning engines, may be expected to take as much as two to four times as long to respond to emerging issues.

Better data means better decisions.
Delivering applications over the internet, like all interactions with complex, dynamic systems, ultimately meets success or failure based on the data you use for making decisions. In this case, decisions are the “real-time” application delivery choices your platform makes to ensure apps and video reach your customers in a way that produces a great user experience. Using real user monitoring like Radar – the world’s largest real-time user experience community – provides data you can use to make automated delivery decisions on your hybrid infrastructure. But to enable your application delivery logic to fully understand and optimize delivery for all of your customers and potential customers worldwide, you need to proactively test networks. That’s where Cedexis’ Sonar functionality comes in.

The three pillars of Application Delivery
Cedexis application delivery platform is powered by three powerful services:

  • Radar: the world’s largest community of instantaneous and actionable user experience data
  • Fusion: a powerful 3rd party data ingestion tool that makes APM, Local Load Balancer, cloud metrics, and any other dataset actionable in delivery logic
  • [NEW!]: Sonar: a massively scalable and architecture-agnostic synthetic testing tool that is immune to the latency issues of proprietary cloud tools


The Cedexis application delivery platform automates and optimizes the customer experience for apps, video, and static content while minimizing cloud and content delivery costs. This is done by combining billions of real user data points from over 50,000 networks, Sonar synthetic testing data, and any other dataset you use to optimize delivery based on real user data from our entire network (not just your customers).
If you haven’t created a Cedexis portal account yet, now’s the time. You can set up your global application delivery in a few minutes and see how Sonar works for yourself.