Is Amazon CloudFront in Brazil?

Here at Cedexis, we like to think we have a pulse on the internet.  Today we found something very juicy that got us very excited, so we had to share it.  In a nutshell, it looks like Amazon’s CloudFront is now in Brazil.  Across the 9 in-country networks where we collect Radar measurements, we see a 15.2% improvement in Http Connect Time and 12.8% improvement in Http Response Time.  So if you’re doing business online in Brazil and you’re using Amazon CloudFront, the internet just got faster for your users.  That’s a great thing!

The Pretty Graphs

Here’s what connect time looked like over the past month.  Notice the sharp dip at the end!

Here’s what response time looked like over the past month.  Isn’t that dip the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?

The Details

  • In-country Networks – we collect data from 32,000 networks worldwide from real users in-country and use that data to drive decisions in our global load balancing platform.
  • HTTP Connect Time— how long it takes for the browser to establish a connection with the server, including DNS time and the establishment of the initial TCP and HTTP sessions to the provider.
  • HTTP Response Time— how long it takes for the server to respond to a subsequent request, once all of the noise of establishing a connection is completed. This is a relatively close approximation of TCP round-trip time (RTT) from the browser to the provider.


This just might have me singing Rio! all day long today.

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