New Patent Granted to Cedexis to Accelerate Internet Traffic Delivery

Cedexis, the leader in crowd-optimized application and content delivery for clouds, CDNs and data centers, today announced the grant of patent number 9,553,844. The patent covers programmable, data-driven content delivery infrastructure selection, and represents a significant enhancement to the traditional DNS resolution methods that govern internet use.

A web client obtains an Internet Protocol (IP) address for accessing an Internet resource (a “resource”) by initiating a Domain Name System (DNS) query for a resolution of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), or hostname, such as The patent covers a method in which that process is enhanced by a system that uses a code to check the status of various infrastructural methods that could be used to reach that resource, selects the most effective and efficient from among the various options, and directs the user request along the optimal pathway.

“The Internet is a complicated, de-centralized, complex environment,” said Josh Gray, Chief Architect at Cedexis. “While DNS is at the heart of matching content requests to data sources, the sheer volume of traffic on the Internet demands an efficient global traffic management process that uses data to ensure efficient exchanges between users and content.”

The new patent adds to a portfolio that includes patent number 9,385,988, as well as several other patents filed and pending. The patent includes the use of real-time data ingestion, enabling it to deliver on the promise of making infrastructure actionable. The calculations it uses to ensure efficient connections relies upon the global Cedexis Radar community, which is the largest crowd-optimized real user experience community, collecting some 14 billion measurements a day to build an accurate, real-time virtual map of global Internet delivery.

“This patent is a clear recognition of Cedexis innovation,” noted Ryan Windham, Cedexis CEO. “As we continue to build out our extensive intellectual property portfolio, we are excited about the pace of innovation we are bringing to bear to deliver on our vision of software-defined application delivery.”

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