New Feature: Reason Code reporting

Cedexis’ Global Load Balancing solution Openmix makes over 2.5 billion real-time delivery decisions every day. These routing decisions are based on a combination of Radar community’s 14 billion daily real user measurements and our customers’ defined business logic.

One thing we hear time and time again is “It’s great that you are making all these decisions, but it would be very valuable into why you are switching pathways.”  The “why” is hugely valuable in understanding the “what” (Decisions) and “when” (Time) of the Openmix decision-routing engine.

And so, we bring you: Reason Codes.

Reason Codes in Openmix applications are used to log and identify decisions being made, so you can easily establish why users were routed, such as to certain providers or geographical locations.  Reason Codes reflect factors such as Geo overrides, Best Round Trip Time, Data Problems, Preferred Provider Availability and or whatever other logic is built into your Openmix applications. Having the ability to see which Reason Codes (the “why”) impacted what decisions were made allows you to see clearly where problems are arising in your delivery network, and make adjustments where necessary.

Providing these types of insights is core to Cedexis’ DNA, so we are pleased to announce the general availability of Reason Codes as part of the Decision Report.  You can now view Reason Codes as both Primary and Secondary Dimensions, as well as through a specific filter for Reason Codes.

As a Cedexis Openmix user, you’ll want to get in on this right away. Being able to see what caused Openmix to route users from your preferred Cloud or CDN provider to another one because of a certain event (perhaps a data outage in the UK) allows you to understand what transpired over a specific time period. No second guessing of why decisions spiked in a certain country or network. Using Reason Codes, you can now easily see which applications are over- and under-performing and why.

Here is an example of how you can start gaining insights.

You will notice in the first screenshot below that for a period of time, there was a spike in the number of decisions that Openmix made for two of the applications.

Now all you have to do is switch the view from looking at the Application as your primary dimension to Reason Code and you can quickly see that “Routed based [on] Availability data” was the main reason for Openmix re-routing users

Drilling down further, you can add Country as your Secondary Dimension and you can see that this was happening primarily in the United States.

All of a sudden, you’re in the know: there wasn’t just ‘something going on’ – there was a major Availability event in the US. Now it’s time to hunt down your rep from that provider and find out what happened, what the plan is to prevent it in the future, and how you can adjust your network to ensure continued excellent service for all your users.