Sample Country Report : Example of France

Philosophically, our goal is to show companies how fast they could be, by leveraging an effective multi-platform strategy. We’ve playing around with the idea of replacing our public charts with a set of Country Reports which answer a specific set of questions.

Here’s an example for France…

ISP Marketshare:
Where are my end-users (most likely to be) coming from within this country?

ISP Performance:
What are average page load times for end-users coming from these ISPs?

Web Benchmarks:
On average, how do the biggest sites in the world compare for end-users in this country?

Cloud Performance & Availability:
Where should I deploy my applications in order to deliver the best results to this country?

CDN Performance & Availability:
Features-aside (although this is often the most important consideration), what can I do about my static content to achieve the best results in this country?

Dynamic Content Acceleration (coming soon):
Which technologies can have the biggest impact on end-user perceived performance of my dynamic content?