Citrix Acquires Cedexis: 5 Things You Should Know

On February 12, 2018, Cedexis announced we had been acquired and become part of the global Citrix family. As the leading cloud-native software-defined application delivery solution, it made perfect sense to join forces with the company that is leading the world in helping enterprises accelerate their journey to the cloud.

Combining our portfolios brings great opportunities for growth, and for enhanced value for both companies’ customers. As we work to successfully complete our integration, we are dedicated to a smooth transition, and to continuing to serve our customers with the consistently world-class quality they expect and deserve. To that end, here are five things everyone should know about this merger:

  1. Citrix is committed to the future of the Radar Community. Since 2009, the Radar community has collected and shared real user measurement (RUM) from around the Internet, becoming the world’s largest user telemetry community. With over 14 billion measurements collected every day, it is the only true virtual map of real-time user experience on the Internet. Citrix plans to support, innovate, and grow the community, continuing the commitment Cedexis has always made to our members around the world.
  2. Citrix will continue to innovate the Cedexis stack. It is no surprise that Citrix believes strongly in the value of the Cedexis stack. From Sonar (synthetic monitoring) to Fusion (3rd party data integration engine) to the core Openmix (intelligent traffic management), current and future customers can rely upon accelerated innovation, with new features that will extend the value of Cedexis solutions into the future. Upcoming integrations to the Citrix portfolio will offer new and exciting opportunities to extend the secure digital perimeter for all Cedexis customers.
  3. Citrix acquired the whole company, not just the technology. For current customers who have come to expect personalized, focused service, nothing will change. Citrix brought the vast majority of Cedexis team members into the fold, and they are all still just as dedicated to your success as ever. With the deeper bench that comes from joining a major, globally-distributed organization, we believe our customer and partner relationships will only get deeper and stronger.
  4. Both companies share a core philosophy of doing the right thing, every time. Citrix lives by five core principles: Integrity, Respect, Curiosity, Courage, and Unity. These map neatly to the culture Cedexis built over its time as an independent entity, and give us all a high degree of confidence that this transaction is going to result in great things for everyone involved
  5. Citrix is moving to the cloud, and Cedexis is helping to lead the way. Citrix is the leader in making the world’s apps and data both secure and easy to use. As a pioneer in eliminating the complexity and limitations of legacy systems to accelerate the digital future, Citrix is dedicated to making the creation and management of hybrid infrastructures as simple, efficient, and effective as possible. With the Cedexis stack in place to deliver intelligent traffic management, solutions can now traverse all manner of different network elements with no loss of security, control, or quality of user experience.