Customer-centric CDN delivery

Real user-ensured delivery for Hybrid and Multi-CDN architectures


A hybrid/multi-CDN solution consists of one or more application server deployed across data centers, delivering applications and content quickly through the use of multiple CDNs. The goal is to leverage CDN technology to provide the fastest, most efficient user experience for your application.

The Hybrid/Multi-CDN Architecture

Global Traffic Management

Deliver applications from the best origin every time.

The Cedexis Application Delivery Platform provides powerful global traffic management. Tailored routing algorithms connect applications and users to the right origin and provider every time. Cedexis ADP circumvents network outages, server downtime, and connection issues automatically and before you’re even aware there’s a problem.

Benefits of CDN Federation

A hybrid/multi-CDN solution, also called CDN federation, is an effective way to boost the application delivery capabilities of a physical data center. With this approach, one or more application servers deployed across data centers deliver applications and content quickly through the use of multiple CDNs.

One of the biggest challenges with this configuration is trying to determine which CDN manages which user-facing request. This is where the Cedexis Application Delivery Platform shines.

Cedexis fits in any modern architecture

Get the Most from Your Multi-CDN Architecture