Analyse des performances numériques

Harmonisez les performances Web et les objectifs commerciaux

Monitor resource performance and continuously correlate it to business KPIs.

Improve Page Load Time

Impact helps you identify optimization opportunities that boost application performance, improve load times, and make your website or app indispensable.

Achieve Better Conversion Rates

Performance intelligence means increased conversion rates, from purchases to downloads to leads.

Engage Your Users

Discover which resources pull your users in. Decrease your bounce rate, keep your users engaged, and build that world-class audience.

Know Where to Put Your Effort

By correlating application performance to key performance indicators (KPIs), you can build an exact map between technical and business results. Visualize the connection between elements of the application user experience and KPIs that mean the most to your enterprise.

Accelerate Page Load Time for Real Results

Reducing page load time means real results. On average, enterprises improving load time by just one second see improvements across the board.

13.3% more page views

13.9% lower bounce rate

27.3% conversion rate increase

Understand Performance and Analytics

Impact provides clear, comprehensible performance analytics of your web application. A crystal-clear view of conversion paths through your applications and websites allows your organization to identify the spots that need the most attention. Impact’s reports and analysis help you decide where to focus on performance optimization for the best results.

Flexible Reporting Provides Deeper Understanding

Impact features easy categorization and configuration management. Each Impact view can be easily filtered to expose the granular insights needed to identify optimization opportunities. Break down results by device type, geography, ISP, browser version, and other factors.

“Most of the time, when a CDN goes down, I don’t even know it happened, because there is no impact on our customers, and therefore no spike in calls to our support team.”

Hudl Chief Technology Officer Brian Kaiser

The Cedexis Platform Explained

Cedexis Openmix Software Defined Application Platform

Intelligent Global Load Balancing

Cedexis Radar Application Delivery Platform

Real User Monitoring

Cedexis Sonar Software Defined Application Delivery

Stay on Top of Availability and Performance

Cedexis Fusion Software Defined Application Delivery

Custom Metrics for Custom Applications

Cedexis Impact software application delivery

Match Web Performance to Business Objectives

Get Started with the Cedexis ADP

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