Make All of Your Data Actionable

Control your application delivery with any dataset ...yes, any.

Ingest and leverage data from your DevOps tools.

Your Business Rules, Applied

Define your application delivery rules based on business needs. Make complex datasets actionable in real time.

Leverage Your DevOps Tool Stack

Cedexis Fusion, alongside Radar and Sonar, power ADP’s uniquely customizable global traffic routing.

Full-stack Monitoring of Your Critical Apps

Real user, synthetic, APM, datacenter, and cloud monitoring data together to inform your delivery.

Optimize Delivery with the Right Data

ADP is not limited to real user measurements. Cedexis also provides sophisticated synthetic monitoring, as well as the ability to integrate with any 3rd party source – from AWS to New Relic to NGINX to Varnish, and beyond. Your traffic decisions can be as complex, or as simple, as you like, but will always turn all your data into action.

Fusion drives global traffic management using all your data.

Leverage Big Data in Real Time

Fusion feeds Openmix monitoring, reporting, and cost data from a wide range of software products and cloud providers. This means you can create custom routing algorithms based on any data set imaginable: NGINX local load balancer data, application performance monitoring (APM), AWS Cloudwatch, you name it. If your team has the data, ADP can use it.

Powermix: Utilize green energy.

Take advantage of green energy and the emergence of next-generation cloud technologies. Developed in concert with UnivCloud, Powermix enables Fusion to track green energy usage by your cloud, CDN, and hosting providers. Turn your global traffic management into green enterprise-class load balancing.

“The Cedexis platform is a technically superior approach, that implements its data-driven best practice techniques for automated Global Traffic Management and content delivery. It ensures our gamers the highest-quality play, wherever in the world they reside.”

Jared Shapiro, VP of Web Platform, ROBLOX

The Cedexis Platform Explained

Cedexis Openmix Software Defined Application Platform

Intelligent Global Load Balancing

Cedexis Radar Application Delivery Platform

Real User Monitoring

Cedexis Sonar Software Defined Application Delivery

Stay on Top of Availability and Performance

Cedexis Fusion Software Defined Application Delivery

Custom Metrics for Custom Applications

Cedexis Impact software application delivery

Match Web Performance to Business Objectives