Customer-centric CDN delivery

Real user-ensured delivery for Hybrid and Multi-CDN architectures

Multi-CDN for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Delivery over a multiple CDN architecture is a best practice for modern Ops teams. Ensuring uptime and multiple delivery contingencies gives teams peace of mind and the ability to reduce the adverse effects of vendor lock-in. When you’re able to load balance your application, video, and website content delivery across multiple CDNs, you can ensure your end users are shielded from service degradations and outages. Cedexis ADP’s software-defined delivery logic makes real-time decisions on which CDNs to use, based on real-user community data, application health, and any other dataset you depend on.

The Hybrid/Multi-CDN Architecture

Optimized Specifically for Video

Cedexis ADP is optimized to help you deliver the highest possible video quality to customers, based on real-time CDN switching. Video-specific metrics that measure the quality of the user’s video experience are automatically ingested by the Cedexis ADP to make real-time delivery optimizations for video. The result is less buffering – and lost customers.

Hybrid-CDN Makes the Most of Your Resources

Sometimes it makes sense to leverage origin delivery (nearby geographies, when CDN costs are too high, certain types of data) but many times CDN delivery where low-latency paths exist is the more desirable outcome.

Cedexis ADP will determine, in real time, how your content should be delivered based on any criteria you define. Avoid CDN dead zones and bursting fees by utilizing a better resource, automatically.

Cedexis fits in any modern architecture

Get the Most from Your Multi-CDN Architecture