Deliver your applications at scale from your dynamic infrastructure

The Best of Both Worlds for Hybrid-cloud Resources

The public cloud provides Ops teams with a powerful set of application infrastructure flexibility, including the ability to massively scale, be elastic when the need arises, and pay for the resources you use. Often, however, it makes more sense to leverage the existing datacenter resources you already have (and paid for) before leveraging cloud instances. The Cedexis ADP allows you to choose which infrastructure you want to deliver your applications on based on your unique corporate rules. For example, this may mean maxing out the datacenter before using any cloud. Or it may mean leveraging cloud instances in the regions where the Radar community says your delivery is suffering. ADP’s software-defined delivery lets you automate your delivery any way you need to, with decisions made in real-time.

The Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Architecture

Multi-cloud Delivery for Modern Applications

Outages and cloud service degradation happens, so you need a plan in place for when they do. Many companies choose to utilize multiple cloud providers to ensure their application is always available to worldwide customers, even during an outage. Taking control over changes in public cloud service offerings, pricing models, and SLAs is another powerful motivator for Ops teams to move to a multi-cloud architecture. Cedexis ADP allows companies to seamlessly and automatically deliver applications over multiple clouds, factoring in real-time availability, costs structures, and application performance.

Cloud Migration Peace of Mind

There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to migrating applications to the cloud. The first step in cloud migration needs to be making sure your application can be delivered to your worldwide customers before, during, and after the migration.

Cedexis ADP’s software-defined approach automates delivery no matter the current state of your infrastructure.

Cedexis optimizes delivery for any infrastructure.

Get the most from your multi-cloud architecture.