Low Latency File Downloads

Real-time, cost effective file-sourcing decisions

Keep the customers you earned. Cedexis delivers faster downloads, easily and efficiently.

Worldwide Delivery that Feels Local

Cedexis crowd-optimizes the fastest way to download the resources your customers need. Leveraging billions of user data points on every network each day, we let you focus on content curation, not how it reaches users.

Radar automates reliability for downloading your big data.

Bypass Outages in Real-time

Enterprise-class content delivery algorithms ensure the best possible path to resources for every user, no matter what type of infrastructure you depend on, or the status of its component parts.

Optimized Large File Downloads for Any Architecture

Private CDN

Multi or Hybrid CDN


Faster (Budget-compliant) Downloads

Cedexis accelerates downloads and increases cost-effectiveness at the same time. User-optimized content downloads help you avoid bursting and minimize additional cloud or CDN fees.

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