Cedexis Netscope

Understand how end-users experience your service. Comparative and actionable performance data for your network down to the IP subnet, extracted from the world’s largest Real User Monitoring (RUM) data set.

Know How Your Service Stacks Up

Metrics like network throughput, availability, and latency alone are not sufficient for determining how your service is performing. Cedexis Netscope provides you with additional context to assess your service, namely the ability to compare your service’s performance to the results of the “best” provider in your market. By providing up to date Anonymous Best comparative data, you’ll have a data-driven benchmark to use for network planning, marketing, and competitive analysis.

Highlight your Service Performance:

  • Relative to Peers
  • Specific Geographies
  • Down to the IP Sub-net
  • Specific ISPs
  • Latency or Throughput
  • Static or Dynamic delivery

Actionable Insights

Netscope provides detailed performance data that can be used to improve your service for end users. IT Ops teams can use automated or custom reports view performance from your ASN versus peer groups in the country you serve. This lets you fully understand how you stack up versus the “best” service provider, using the same criteria. Real-time logs organized by ASN can be used to inform instant service repairs or for longer-term planning.

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Real user monitoring (RUM) means fully understanding how internet performance impacts customer satisfaction and engagement. Cedexis gathers RUM data from each step between the client and any of the clouds, data centers, and CDNs hosting your applications to build a holistic picture of internet health. Every request creates more data, continuously updating this unique real-time virtual map of the web.

Netscope provides a critical data set you need for your network planning and enhancement. With its real-time understanding of worldwide network health, Netscope gives you the context and actionable data you need to delight customers and increase your market share.

Data and Alerts, your way

To effectively evaluate your service and enable real-time troubleshooting, Netscope lets you roll up data by the ASN, country, region, or state level. You can zoom in within a specific ASN at the IP subnet level, to dissect the data in any way your business requires. This data will be stored in the cloud on an ongoing basis. Netscope also allows users to easily set up flexible network alerts for performance and latency deviations.

“Michelin is committed to providing a consistent, high-quality web experience. Cedexis Radar provides us the objective performance data needed to optimize performance and avoid congestion.”

Laurent Souloumiac, Head of Digital Operations at Michelin

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