Dear Customers, Partners, and Community at large,

Cedexis is officially now part of the Citrix family. As the leading cloud-native software-defined application delivery solution, it made perfect sense to join forces with the company that is leading the world in helping enterprises accelerate their journey to the cloud. Together with Citrix, we will rapidly increase the pace of innovation in our market. We will ensure stellar performance and a people-centric experience that delights end users and simplifies IT management, and makes Citrix the preferred way to securely access and deliver apps and data across any device, platform, or cloud.

The strong alignment of our company cultures and mindsets make it clear that rather than coming to the end of an era, we’re at the forefront of a new period of rapid innovation in a marketplace ripe for the seismic shifts happening in the worlds of infrastructure and networking. Particularly, the increase in modern distributed applications powered by microservices in hybrid and multi-cloud environments demands a new approach to connecting far-flung application users with the information they need, delivered as near to instantaneously as possible. Cedexis’ proven data-driven approach will inform new solutions that ensure performance-driven decisions aren’t executed in an economic vacuum:  beyond significantly improving the workspace and internet experience, these combined solutions will optimize for cost and value, empowering organizations around the world to create profitable, sustainable businesses.

The combined company will continue to provide flexibility and choices, and to serve our customers as we always have: with excellent products, personal service, and a commitment to excellence. We will double our efforts to ensure that streaming video can deliver on its promise of quality that is genuinely indistinguishable from TV piped into homes through a physical cable – while reducing the cost to do so. In the DevOps world, we will continue to work with partner technologies to make global server load balancing a reality, making the most of local load balancing capabilities that have already been deployed. And we will continue to provide broad and deep real user measurement data to network architects who are dedicated to taming the chaos of the internet and providing exceptional service to their customers.

To our community, Cedexis’ mission has not changed. We remain dedicated to “Building a better internet, for everyone, by everyone”

Ryan Windham, CEO, Cedexis
PJ Hough, Chief Product Officer, Citrix

To find out more, visit the Citrix announcement (lire en français), and the announcement to the Cedexis community.