Software-defined Global Traffic Management

Full control over your app delivery, ensured by real user measurements

Openmix Always Knows the Ideal Delivery Option

Real-Time Load Balancing

Automate delivery based on your priorities, including user satisfaction, resource costs, and cloud provisioning.

The Smoothest Video

Video-specific optimizations inform global traffic management to improve video start times and reduce buffering.

Optimized Application Delivery

Route your dynamic applications, video, and website traffic to customers based on real-time Cedexis community data.

Delivery Optimized by [Whatever Matters to You]

Every business needs to balance multiple goals, such as customer satisfaction, managing infrastructure costs, geographic goals, and advanced datasets from DevOps tools. Openmix allows you to define and automatically implement your business rules. Radar community data informs your application delivery strategy, along with any data you choose to add.

Leverage your monitoring and tools investments, including APM performance feeds, cloud metrics, and local load balancing solutions like NGINX and Varnish to fine tune your delivery logic.

Server Load
Bandwidth Usage
Green Energy
Overage Charges

Custom Routing through Custom Metrics

Tailored algorithms create the smartest, most informed application delivery platform possible. Implement your business rules and inform your application delivery strategy with Radar community data, as well as any data you choose to add. Automatically balance performance against cost, server load against bandwidth usage, or any combination of metrics and data points that you can imagine.

Community Data

Backed by the Radar community’s 14 billion daily real user measurements, Openmix knows when cloud providers, CDNs, and origin servers go down. There’s no need to respond manually when outages occur. At the data center, in transport, or at the ISP, Cedexis-enabled applications enable your user to avoid failures without even noticing. By the time you are aware of the issue, traffic is already routed to an alternate origin. Focus on solutions without worrying about mitigation. Outage circumvention happens independently for each client’s requests.

Video Optimizations

Video delivery presents many unique challenges for load balancers. Openmix features optimizations that improve video start times, reduce buffering, and make on-demand video faster and smoother.

No matter what combination of CDNs, clouds, and datacenters you use to deliver video, you’ll be able to give your users an exemplary video experience while actively managing your delivery costs.

“With Cedexis Openmix, we automated real-time load balancing between multiple CDNs. Page load times improved by 60% in China, dropping from 18 seconds down to 6 seconds.”

Eric Wyttynck, Director of Sales at Accor S.A.

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