Cedexis Application Delivery Platform

Software-defined delivery automation for any combination of clouds, CDNs, and data centers

Crowd-optimized delivery for today’s modern applications, video,
and web content

Real-time, automated delivery decisions

Optimize user experience by ensuring the optimal application delivery, in real time.

Software-defined, cloud-native solution

Translate your business rules into action with real time delivery automation.

World’s largest internet performance community

Leverage the world’s largest real-time user experience engine.

Cloud-native Application Delivery

Software-defined application delivery enables IT Ops and DevOps teams to automate and optimize clouds, datacenters, and CDNs based on business needs. Cedexis ADP is a SaaS solution that scales with your needs and infrastructure changes.

Powered by Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Actionable data from the entire Cedexis community, not just your customers, helps you ensure a premium user experience for your app. Based on real users’ perspective, Cedexis ADP collects well over 10 billion RUM measurements each day from over 600 million end users on over 50,000 networks worldwide.

Built for Today’s Dynamic Infrastructure

Whatever your mix of cloud service providers, CDNs, and data centers, Cedexis ADP automatically maximizes your resources for performance and business metrics. Make the most of your existing datacenter investments while avoiding unnecessary bursting and cloud provisioning costs.

Designed for Modern, Distributed Applications

Today’s modern applications are increasingly distributed and less monolithic, powered by microservices, which significantly adds to the challenge of delivering them to end users and increases the need for a low-latency delivery framework. Cedexis ADP ensures the optimal delivery of these dynamic applications based on real-time data from the worldwide RUM community paired with a powerful predictive routing algorithm.

Buffer-free Video, Every Time

Whether you are delivering via websites, gaming consoles, smart TVs or mobile apps, end users expect a buffer-free video experience. Cedexis ADP provides automatic real-time traffic management, based on real user Quality of Experience (QoE) video data, to optimize your end user experience.

“Cedexis provides visibility into the last mile that no single other enterprise can get.”

Rory Dennis, Founder, GM North America for Amplience

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