Predictive DNS

Real-user ensured Authoritative DNS for hybrid infrastructure

Real-user ensured Authoritative DNS for cloud and data center global server load balancing

Traditional DNS was built for a different time: before the public cloud, CDNs, and hybrid-IT technologies were in common use. Predictive DNS was built for modern enterprises who employ microservices and ephemeral infrastructures, resulting in industry leading availability and latency for authoritative DNS

Authoritative DNS + Global Traffic Management

The predictive part of Predictive DNS comes from being fully integrated with Cedexis Radar and Openmix Global Traffic Management. Multi-cloud failover, a fully programmable API, and a user experience-centric approach lets you deploy a more efficient authoritative DNS strategy.

Cedexis Predictive DNS provides

  • Enterprise-class global coverage grade solution with the lowest latency in the market, GUI and API driven
  • Leverages Radar, the world’s largest real-user cloud performance monitoring community to assure availability
  • Natively designed to accommodate Dual DNS support
  • Easily extendable to dynamic Internet traffic performance optimization

Predictive DNS is easy to set up, no matter what infrastructure you use.

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