Private CDN

Deliver content from the ideal origin on dedicated hardware

Reduce Operational Expenses by Building Your Own Private CDN

For some applications, the best path to high-performance media delivery is with a network of private hosting solutions and clouds that act like a private CDN. Cedexis ADP makes it possible, delivering each client request to the best possible origin.

The Private CDN Architecture

Private CDN Serving Your Team Needs

Connect end users with the fastest experience for media.

High-quality media often needs to be delivered by dedicated services in carefully chosen data centers closest to audience clusters. However, even the best data centers will have downtime or availability issues. A private CDN needs to adapt to changes in network latency and topology automatically and without manual intervention. Cedexis ADP knows about connectivity problems as soon as they happen. For video, this means faster start times and less buffering.

Implement Software-defined CDN Rules

Private CDNs are finely tuned networks of private servers, service providers, and networks. For a private CDN to even be possible, you need a software-defined delivery platform that can connect client devices to the best possible origins, in real-time.

The Cedexis ADP provides the logic that determines how to best utilize a private CDN as part of your overall infrastructure.

Cedexis fits in any modern architecture

Deliver the Fastest Content with a Private CDN Architecture