Real User Monitoring

See how the internet is running—from the user’s perspective.

Radar provides the real user data that automates the Cedexis Application Delivery Platform

50,000 Networks
50,000 Networks

Radar collects data from across more than 50,000 networks daily.

130 Service Providers
130 Service Providers

Over 130 service providers feed metrics into Radar daily.

14 billion RUM Data Points
14 Billion RUM Data Points

Hundreds of millions of clients generate over 14 billion RUM data points every day.

Real User Monitoring: The World’s Largest User Experience Community

Real user monitoring (RUM) means fully understanding how internet performance impacts customer satisfaction and engagement. Cedexis Radar gathers RUM data from each step between the client and any of the clouds, data centers, and CDNs hosting your applications to build a holistic picture of internet health. Every request creates more data, continuously updating this unique real-time virtual map of the web.

Radar provides a critical data set you need for real-time automated application delivery. With its real-time understanding of worldwide network health, Radar delivers the performance data needed to automate app delivery, and ensure the best user experience your application can offer.

Real Users, Real Devices

Mobile traffic commands a 50 percent share of all internet traffic, yet mobile applications and websites are underrepresented in other efforts to target performance and reliability. Cedexis Radar integrates with mobile applications, collecting RUM from each and every user. Radar’s diverse set of real user experience data ensures that your application reaches users in every region on their preferred platform.

Actionable Big Data Analytics

Radar community members can access actionable, real-time datasets for cloud and CDN availability, latency, and throughput performance reporting — sourced not just by their own real users, but also the aggregated worldwide Radar community. By collecting 14 billion measurements per day, Cedexis Radar has the world’s broadest real-time cloud performance metrics. Radar data is easily acted on after automatically being ingested into the Cedexis ADP, allowing DevOps teams to load-balance app delivery based on the best possible option.

Real-time Public Cloud Status

Modern distributed apps are highly dependent on the performance of the networks, ISPs, and remote servers that underpin them. Every network and cloud provider will have a problem eventually, so IT Ops teams need to know when outages or service degradations happen across the internet in real time, as well as the right tool to mitigate. Understanding how public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud are performing at all times allows you to implement software-defined routing logic and mitigate to your specific policy for those inevitable outages.

“Michelin is committed to providing a consistent, high-quality web experience. Cedexis Radar provides us the objective performance data needed to optimize performance and avoid congestion.”

Laurent Souloumiac, Head of Digital Operations at Michelin

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