Synthetic Monitoring

The Intersection of Availability and Performance

Low latency, automatic responses to issues

Get Informed Early

Stay informed about the health of all of your services. With Sonar, you’ll always know when a problem occurs.

A Precise Tool for Distributed Apps

Sonar is a precision instrument that enables the Cedexis ADP to proactively test delivery to your worldwide customers.

Eliminate Those 2:00 a.m. Calls

IT ops teams need their sleep. When an outage happens, Cedexis makes sure that the overall service stays up using synthetic testing and informed routing.

Proactively Test Customer App Experiences

Cedexis Sonar is a simple, yet powerful and real-time, synthetic monitoring tool that tracks and analyzes the health of the underlying resources. In this way, you have actionable synthetic monitoring data no matter what’s happening with your dynamic infrastructure.

Complete Picture: Real User Plus Synthetic Monitoring

Real user measurements (RUM) will always tell you about the quality of experience received by the user, but they won’t proactively inform you that underlying resources are becoming overloaded, have been taken down for maintenance, or are the last remaining healthy node on a broader cluster. In other words: synthetic monitoring combines with RUM monitoring to give you the most complete picture of how your apps are experienced by customers.

Establish More Robust Service Status and Monitoring

Cedexis Sonar constantly monitors and tests service health in the data center and the cloud. With Sonar, you always know if your services are available and usable. Additionally, Sonar results power the Cedexis ADP to inform automatic routing decisions and fail-over planning. This means no more manual emergency service switch-overs in the middle of the night for IT Ops and DevOps teams.

“Most of the time, when a CDN goes down, I don’t even know it happened, because there is no impact on our customers, and therefore no spike in calls to our support team.”

Hudl Chief Technology Officer Brian Kaiser

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