Seamless Global Video Delivery

Slip right past outages, slow clouds, and CDNs issues.

Learn how Cedexis helps Viaplay deliver a world-class global livestream.

Improved Performance, Increased Viewer Loyalty

Video traffic is accelerating just as fast as customer quality expectations are. Whether video is embedded in a larger presentation or played in a basic viewer, the performance bar is always high. Cedexis uses billions of user measurements to make real-time decisions that optimize playback.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Your growing audience is anywhere and everywhere. What works for a viewer in the United States may not be the best or most cost-effective solution in Brazil. As your viewer base expands and diversifies, Cedexis helps ensure seamless, high-quality CDN delivery. Scale globally, but optimize with user-by-user, second-by-second granularity to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

This CDN maturity model illustrates how companies typically evolve—from single origin to the advanced hybrid-CDN model.

Video Delivery For Any Architecture

Private CDN

Multi or Hybrid CDN


Proven Reliability

We can help maintain quality of experience for all of your users, even those who are highly sensitive to buffering issues. Cedexis ADP includes specific optimizations that reduce start failures, improve start times, and eliminate buffering.