Rich Content, Refined Experience

Content delivery should be painless - for you and your users.

Cedexis ADP’s customer-centric web content delivery helps you keep users engaged.

Real-Time Fine-tuning of Site Visitor Satisfaction

The best way to predict your customers’ web experience is by measuring, in real time, how thousands of other real users experienced similar content. Cedexis Radar gathers Real User Measurement (RUM) data from each step between the client and the origin to build a holistic picture of internet health.

Make better decisions about your content delivery—and make them automatically.

Private CDN

Multi or Hybrid CDN


Choose the Right Delivery Network

Content delivery partners have differing strengths and weaknesses, based on any number of factors: geography coverage, architectures, cost and usage models, etc. Because of this, uptime and latency can vary greatly at any moment. Deciding which delivery network, cloud, or datacenter is the best for your unique needs,user by user, is critical. On a global scale, that’s a lot of decision-making.
Cedexis cost-effectively delivers the best user experience, automating the process and enabling dynamic web content delivery decisions.

Elements of Cost Effective Web Content Delivery

Analyze user experience big data sets.

Cedexis Openmix Application Delivery Platform

Automate decisions in real time.

Understand thresholds for cost & user satisfaction.

Optimal Experience & Lower Costs

Translate your multi-faceted business goals into a website delivery strategy, while simultaneously balancing customer satisfaction, infrastructure costs, and geographic goals. Cedexis’ software-defined content delivery optimizes user experience and lowers costs—helping you plan for outages, service degradations, cloud instances price models, and CDN surge pricing.